Aprica - Belt-Fit Colan Baby Carrier

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The Aprica Belt-Fit Colan Baby Carrier!


  • Maintains your baby's natural posture
  • Presence of pores to allow circulation of air ensures that your baby is cool and comfortable
  • Piggy back harness provides a firm support for the baby's body
  • ""Good Night"" curtain shields the baby from the glare of the sun and from the wind, and maintains the posture of the baby's neck while the baby is asleep. Made of material that is easy on the skin and with superior sweat-absorbent properties
  • Waist and shoulder belt designed to fit your body well without tiring your shoulder and waist easily even during prolonged carrying and piggy-back
  • In just 3 steps, you are all set.  Put on the waist belt, strap on the shoulder belt, and finally, secure the buckle at the back
  • With the drool pad, the area around the baby's face is always kept clean
  • Light weight design. Just fold it and it can be stored in a bag easily

For children from from 4 months to 3 years old and weighing below 15 kg

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